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Innovation grows through the respect of the environment, and productivity must reach higher and higher results by reducing waste. This will is supported by norms and certifications such as HACCP and ISO 14001 to safeguard hygiene, and to live the environment as a project. Particularly, concerning the production of aseptic bags, the environmental conditions in the production plants are kept under strict control, and people work in accordance with specific hygienical requirements. Emissions created during the production process are fully controlled and reused by means of a sophisticated solvent recovery system.

We actually work in a closed loop, so that almost no solvent particles are lost in the atmosphere. In this way we respect the nature surrounding us, and obtain a more economical production cycle. Our Research and Development Lab is always on the lookout for environmentally friendly processes; with flexible packaging, a container is reduced to the minimum size required to hold its content cutting down on waste and money.