30/12/2020 Events 


Goglio celebrates 170 years of its foundation and support Duomo of Milan

This year our Group sets another important milestone: 2020 is actually the 170th year of activity of our Group, an uncommon history which carries in itself the affirmation of the work of the people who came before us and makes us feel proud,  today, to gather  their commitment to continue it.

The presence of the Covid 19 pandemic, which has so heavily affected the lives of us all, in some cases carrying great suffering and serious losses, unfortunately prevents us from celebrating this anniversary as we would have wished. However, we think that such an important anniversary should be highlighted, and we believe it should be an opportunity to give something back to the community: this is why we decided to support a project launched by the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo of Milan, entitled “Adopt a statue”. By supporting this initiative, we have enabled the restoration of one of the statues that adorn the Duomo of Milan.

San Longino

Since 1387, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo is the institution responsible for the building, maintenance, conservation and architectural restoration of the Cathedral.

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo of Milan is still today responsible for the processing of the marble, beginning with its excavation at the Candoglia quarry, continuing with its processing at the Marble Yard in Milan and up to the installation of the architectural and decorative elements in Duomo. From this perspective, the Marble Yard’s activity continues to play a major role throughout the entire process: indeed, in a place where new sculptures and ornaments come to life, hundreds of others are put away. This is because the constant monitoring of the state of preservation of the Cathedral’s sculptural system also involves the necessary replacement of all those elements that, for conservation and safety reasons, can no longer remain in place on the Monument, thus being gathered and stored in the yard.




Through the support of “Adopt a Statue” (fundraising project conceived by Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo) Goglio has allowed to restore one of these masterpieces in order to give them a new lease of life.

The statue we have chosen to restore is the one dedicated to St. Longinus, one of the Roman soldiers who participated in the Passion of Jesus, pierced His side with a lance and later converted to the Christian faith. The choice was also guided by the fact that its author is the sculptor Pompeo Marchesi, native of the Varese area, and we therefore saw in this a link with our fifty-year presence in this area.

The statue, which will be entrusted to us on loan from the Veneranda Fabbrica, will be placed at the entrance to the factory area. In addition, for the duration of the “loan”, this work will also welcome every employee who comes to Daverio from other locations of the Group, customers, suppliers and visitors, as well as being available for schools and municipalities in the area.






Goglio Group was founded in Rho in 1850, but some years later moved to Milan, town where there is still today its head office. The Duomo of Milan, the town where our Company is deeply rooted, represents not only the highest expression of the town’s spirituality, but it is the result of a choral effort that for centuries has seen people, from different backgrounds and social classes, offer, each according to their own possibilities and skills, a real contribution to the creation of a work to glorify and thank God, and it is no coincidence that we speak of a “Factory”.

For hundreds of years, the Duomo and its Madonnina have watched over and protected the people of Milan. Believers have turned to the Madonnina in difficult times throughout history, and we are still praying her today so that these difficult times can be overcome, and we can all soon look to the future with hope and serenity.

To celebrate this installation on Wednesday 23th December at 5PM we had a simple opening ceremony in the square facing the entrance of the factory (following all Covid safety rules) with a video projection of Milan Cathedral and its Madonnina on the front of Goglio building.