The new way to prepare coffee.
Thanks to an exclusive patent, Goglio capsule is featured by an high erogation quality.
Suitable for coffee, tea or herbal tea, Goglio capsule has a self-perforating lid ensuring a great compatibility with coffee machines.

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Compostable barrier capsule, high brewing quality guaranteed

Capsule with valve, allows the outflow of gases naturally released by coffee, while at the same time preventing oxygen from entering

Packaging Solutions

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Stand Up

Packs made by high barrier laminates from the traditional aluminum or metallized ...

Multiple pack for capsules

Multiple pack for capsules allows a greater product protection, a greater hygienical ...

Single-double pack

Single-double pack for one or two capsules. Each pack is hygienical and ...

Packaging Lines

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Automatic lines for the packaging of granular, powder and products in pieces ...


Automatic line for atmosphere packaging for grainy, powder and produtcs in pieces ...


Lines for capsule packaging GCap range Modular design, extreme flexibility Lines designed ...


Automatic packaging line for granules, powders and chunks. Atmosphere packaging with inert ...


Automatic line for atmosphere packaging with inert gas compensation


Automatic packaging line for granules, powders and chunks The air in the ...