30/06/2017 News 

Goglio wins the BEST FUTURE MACHINE AWARDS in the category “Smart Machines”

Awarded during Interpack the best solutions of machine innovation and design


Goglio has been recently awarded in the category “Smart Machines” of the 2017 edition of the contest “Best Future Machine Awards” organized by Rockwell involving all its customers. The Award ceremony took place during Interpack in Düsseldorf (4-10 May) at the booth of Rockwell Automation in the presence of the jury members, representatives of leading companies and trade associations (johnson & johnson, Kimberley Clark, Nestlé, Procter and Gamble Co., GEPPIA (Packaging & Processing Machinery The French Trade Association) and UCIMA (Union of Italian manufacturers of automatic packing and Packaging Machinery).

The machines registered in the contest, divided into the categories “Ease to Use”, “Modular Machines”, “Smart Machines”, “Sustainability” and “Traceability ” should integrate Rockwell Automation solutions or components; participants had the opportunity to present their own technology, their design skills and their vision of future development.

Goglio presented GCap6, a perfect example of deep knowledge in the coffee sector, a filling machine for aluminium capsules including several modules: a loading system for stacked capsule, a double Auger filling system, a checkweigher, a tamping and cleanup device, a cut and seal group of the top lid, a camera for optical control, an exit pick & place device.

Goglio designed the GCap6 automation system carefully selecting solutions and control systems and choosing a particularly user-friendly programming environment, for an easier software development. Furthermore the reduction of installation and start-up training time, the easier identification of problems, testing and validation are some of the advantages that characterize GCap6.

All devices are connected via Ethernet/IP by facilitating communication within the control network. The machine can also be accessed remotely and production data – such as recipes, batch numbers and production quantities – can be directly sent to the machine; the customer can potentially collect an infinite number of parameters and analog/digital data that can be used to implement predictive maintenance. All the collected information is a precious and necessary resource in terms of Industry 4.0 and Zeccone Machine Division has already developed a considerable experience on this issue and is able to offer this service together with the machine.

The GCap6 is an ergonomic, noiseless, safe and flexible solution: the user can select the module that has to be installed and can easily update it. The Gcap6 also produces excellent dosages and closures and uses a very precise control system, reaching an OEE of 95% “, guarantee of high performance.

Goglio is proud to have gained this recognition as evidence of the commitment and professionalism in producing and trading packaging lines. Our Team of experts has made this possible, working on such a highly technological project and solution.

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