Integrated degassing system for flexible packaging.

The one-way degassing valve, originally invented and developed by Goglio, has given an important contribution to the development of flexible packaging. Itis produced using raw materials approved by European authorities, the FDA and the Japanese Ministry of Health. It is generally used to release gases produced within a package and at the same time avoiding the product to get in touch with the external air.

Low opening pressure

For a light puffing effect, suitable for slight degassing products.


Monomaterial valve, for 100% recyclable packages.

Extra filter

For extra fine powder products.  

TNT filter

Suitable for wet or solid products with preserving liquids. Available also with plate in PP.


The original type, appreciated for its final package aesthetics.


The most popular type, hidden under the laminate.

High pressure

For rigid or semi-rigid packages, bearing significant pressure changes.


Guarantees the absence of contaminants inside the packed products.

Ultrasonic sealing

Ultrasonic welding technology to shorten sealing time: uniformity and productive efficiency.  


Suitable for highly degassing products or for palletization of big bags.


The smallest and thinnest type, for a low impact on the package.


The smallest valve, suitable for ultrasonic sealing.    


The original patented for biodegradable materials. It is interchangeable with the Thin type.