CIBUS CONNECT, 12th-13th April, 2017 – Parma, Italy

29/03/2017 Events 

For Goglio, producer of complete flexible packaging systems, innovation is the main concern. Between food and packaging there is a very close connection and Goglio Research and Development is constantly studying food products and market trends to propose functional, appealing and unique packaging solutions for the best preservation of food properties. Goglio presents a new product, meeting both producers’ needs and market requests in terms of appeal and service. We are talking about the Fres-cook®, a stand-up pouch for food with two compartments hermetically separating the ingredients, which after heating, mix and create a fast and tasty meal. A special sealing enables the two elements of the recipe – for example meat, fish, pasta, vegetable, dressing – to be preserved separately till consumption. Preparation in microwave is easy, fast and safe with exclusive advantages: few minutes for a clean and easy preparation. Fres-cook® is a useful and modern solution for consumers who have very little time but want to eat healthily when they are not at home or when they do not want to cook. According to the recipe you can find Fres-cook® at the supermarket on the shelves, in the refrigeration unit or in the vending machines. It is a versatile solution and can be applied to any situation and any day occasion. Goglio will be at Cibus Connect, on April 12 and 13 in Parma, and will show this new solution to the public. Come and taste the smart meal!


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