SOFT PACK The elegant packaging Through packaging in atmosphere, we obtain soft and elegant packs

Soft Pack

Packaging in atmosphere allows to preserve all coffee aromas and creates the ideal condition to make them continuous developing in the pack.

In order to avoid the return in the pack of removed oxygen and humidity, we choose high barrier materials in reels or pre-made pouches, made by high barrier laminates from the traditional aluminum or metallized polyester to the newest “alu-free”.

The degassing valve, applied on the pack, allows the packaging of grinded coffee avoiding the dispersion of precious aromas and essences of coffee.

At the opening of the pack, an aroma explosion will wrap consumer senses. A magic touch, an unmistakable sign of quality and excellence of the product.

The final pack can be featured with closing systems as adhesive tape, tin-tie or half moon, suggested in combination with easy open materials. The most valued printing effects and finishing give an added value to the products, making the packs unique on the shelves.

Optionals usable with "Soft Pack"


Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape  

Folded upper bag flap

Packaging flap could be folded and fixed with adhesive tape for a better presention on the shelf.  

Half moon shaped

Half moon shaped




One-way degassing valve  

Lista macchine per la realizzazione di "Soft Pack"

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